Healthcare Workshops

Tailored Uniquely to the Team, Organization or Individual

Our “Why”:
Why Boost Clinician Resilience? What’s the “Value Added”?

 For Organizations:

There are numerous factors associated with highest team performance which can be positively impacted by boosting clinician resilience-

  • culture of communication and transparency
  • culture of collaboration
  • respect for individuals and for diverse perspectives
  • the ability to adapt to and lead change personally and at the system level

The organizational value added is evidence-based: enhancing levels of clinician fulfillment has been proven to be associated with improved patient outcomes, fewer medical errors, higher patient satisfaction, and higher staff retention.  

Leadership and institutional support are critical to achieving high levels of clinician professional engagement and fulfillment. 

For Individuals:

Likewise, at the individual level, top tier professional musicians and athletes recognize that self-monitoring and recovery are key to optimal performance.  Their training explicitly includes development of these skills.  In medicine, this kind of training has generally been lacking and at times even ridiculed.   Clinicians- professionals in compassion and caregiving- often find it difficult to be self-compassionate and to give themselves permission to respond to their own needs. 

For a sustainable career, clinicians must develop skillsets to engage with work in ways that nourish rather than deplete them and to cultivate healthy habits that they can bring to future challenging situations.   Research shows that formal and informal practices can bolster personal resilience.   Sustaining a strong sense of meaning and purpose is vital.  Professional connection and a sense of community are also crucial.

Our “What”:

Wellness and Professional Development Workshop Series for Healthcare Teams and Organizations– in person or virtual.   

Series of 5 sessions of 60 – 90 minutes each

Single sessions or half-day focused retreats available

Examples of Prior Workshop Session Content:

(all of which can meet CME Objectives if desired)

  • Reflection Rounds
  • Attending Presence: Great Bedside Manner IS a Mindfulness Practice
  • Honoring Diastole- Healing for Our Own Hearts
  • Gaining Perspective on What We Can and Cannot Control in the ICU: The Great Paradoxes of Life and Death
  • Evidence-Based Resilience Practices: Awe and Gratitude Daily
  • Mindful Self-Compassion for Clinicians
  • Reflective Writing on Nature, Wilderness, and Healing (>20 reflective writing specific topics)
  • Generous Listening and Healing through Storytelling
  • Tips and Tools for Sleep, Exercise, and Healthy Eating- Remembering How to Live What We Recommend
  • Flourishing: Prescription for a Joyful Heart
  • Tying Your Shoes and Inflating the Basketball: Set Yourself up for Optimal Performance
  • Freedom from the Yoke of “Balance”: Work-Life Integration Living an Extraordinary Life
  • Creating, Reviving, or Reinventing the Life You Love to Live
  • What I Wish I Had Learned a Decade Earlier in My Career
  • Negotiating for What You Need
  • Sustainability and Renewal: Life Cycles and Seasonality in Our Careers

Wellness and Professional Development Workshop Series For Professionals

  • Online group sessions for individuals from diverse institutions and locations
  • Series tailored for healthcare clinicians not part of an organizational workshop, or series for educators, IT, or other professionals
  • Most session content listed above as examples for teams/organizatons can easily be tailored to participants’ needs and has been equally well received by other professionals such as educators or IT professionals

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